Laminin Coatings Laminin Coatings


Apply @ 10sqm/L per coat

Water based Interior
Clear coat
Medium sheen
Brick dressing
Enhance natural colour
Protective coating

Brick Walls
Acrylic art etc

GlazeCoat dries to a highly durable clear-coat medium gloss finish. This multi-purpose product can be used as a brick dressing to bind all loose particles and to enhance the natural colour, it is also well suited as an overcoat to preserve acrylic art etc. As a clear-coat, it is recommended for interior use only. Apply evenly to ensure transparency.

General Preparations

All surfaces must be clean, sound and dry.
Remove all loose flakes and apply WallPrime, to obtain a stable surface.
Even-out imperfections with WallSkim and fill cracks with WallFill.
To stabilize chalky surfaces, apply WallPrime.
Previously painted sound surfaces can be washed with sugar soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
To ease application, sand previously painted stable surfaces.
For water damaged, porous and alkaline surfaces, Apply WallPrime, to stabilize surface.
Remove rust on mild steel and galvanize. Apply HydroEtch/AllPrime, to stabilize surface. If rust cannot be removed completely, spot prime with a rust converter before application of primer.
Before recoating, sand previously varnished surfaces well to remove mirror-like image to a flat film.